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Architecture of absence / ANICONIC

Architecture of absence / ANICONIC
a two-part dance performance by Yuko Kaseki/cokaseki, Isak Immanuel/
Tableau Stations, and additional guests

14. - 17. 11. 2013 20:30h

Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin Prenzlauerberg
Ticket: 030- 35120312 / ticket@dock11-berlin.de

A two part interdisciplinary performance work created by Japanese 
choreographer/ Butoh dancer Yuko Kaseki (Japan/Germany) and American 
visual artist / choreographer/dancer Isak Immanuel (US) in 
collaboration with performer Roland Walter (Germany), Macoto Inagawa 
and Hikaru Inagawa (Japan/Germany), musician Kazuhisa Uchihashi 
(Japan/Germany), and others.

Architecture of absence/ANICONIC engaging various personal and 
religious relationships to image, iconoclasm, and the making of 
place. Differing quotidian bodies and the allegories of  “Ten ox 
herding pictures” and "Blind men and an Elephant" act as touchstones. 
Questions of consciousness, stability, and perception are created, 
represented, broken, erased, and re-drawn. Movement develops in 
contrast to iconic still tableaus and their ability to reflect on 
precarious notions of a “soul” or ideas of “presence”. Central 
engagements are the human body as an object, ideas of spirituality, 
animism, and a basic premise that sometimes such things as a brick, a 
tree, wood, or a lamp, may have a more pronounced sense of a “soul” 
then a human being. Here, the setting of a scene, the given 
environment or landscape and its makeup, is filled with questions of 
presence, memory, and an unsettled occupancy.

Direction/Performance: Isak Immanuel, Yuko Kaseki
Performance: Roland Walter, Macoto Inagawa, Hikaru Inagawa and 
additional guests
Music: Kazuhisa Uchihashi and others
Foto: Tableau Stations
Light: Roger Russell
Production Assistant: Christin Bolte

Yuko Kaseki Website: www.cargocollective.com/yukocokaseki
Isak Immanuel Website : www.tableaustations.org
Videos connected Production: http://tanzforumberlin.de/

Activities of Yuko Kaseki

November 29-30, unspelled, Nyobakan Butoh Festival, Kuala Lumpur, 
Malaysia    https://www.facebook.com/2012nyobakan.butohfest

Class / Workshop
December 1, Frontier in Body, Nyobakan Butoh Festival, Kuala Lumpur, 
February, 2014   4day Workshop, Marseille, France

Yuko Kaseki

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